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LRD Label Sensors To Be Featured On Machines At PackExpo

St. Paul, MN USA, October 11, 2012

LRD8200 Label Sensor with QuicksetMany label machine manufacturers will be featuring Lion Precision's LRD model label sensors on their PackExpo demonstration machines. Mark Kretschmar, communication manager at Lion Precision explains, "Due to the popularity and reputation of LRD sensors, the presence of an LRD sensor speaks to the quality of the machine as a whole."

LRD label sensors were introduced in 1995 as the first and only label sensors capable of detecting clear labels without the use of an eyemark. The capacitive technology used in the sensors is also faster and more accurate than traditional optical sensors as shown a study of registration accuracy of different sensing technologies. Since then, over 50,000 of the sensors have been installed on machines around the world.

Label machine manufacturers that will be featuring the LRD label sensors at PackExpo:


PackExpo Booth

CVC Technologies S-2984
Labeling Systems N-3921
P.E. Labelers USA S-1067
Shorewood Engineering S-2856
Smyth Companies N-5643
Auto Labe S-1239
Quadrel Labeling Systems S-766
Tronics (Weber Packaging) S-2440
In-Line Packaging N-3304




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