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Single-Ended Capacitive Label Sensor - LRD6300

Single-Ended Capacitive Label Sensor


Clear labels, Metallic art, Speed


Some rectangular solid foil labels


Performance: 5/5
Materials: 4/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Cost: 4/5
Reliability: 5/5


Label Sensor User Manuals

Adjusting Label Sensors

Complete Technical Details on the LRD6300 Clear Label Sensor


single-ended capacitive label sensor field

A single-ended capacitive sensor has a single sensing element that measures the thickness of the web. Capacitive sensors are so sensitive to metallic materials, that even over the gap, solid foil labels will be seen by the sensing element's electric field.

Single-Ended capacitive sensors use a single sensing element to measure the thickness of the web. They are adjusted so the liner thickness is below the sensor's trigger point. The label+liner thickness exceeds the trigger point and the sensor is triggered. If there are any metallic materials on the label, the sensor sees an increase in thickness, but because the measurement is already above the trigger point, it has no affect on the sensor output.

Metals appear very thick to capacitive sensors. If a rectangular label is entirely metallic, such as a foil or metallized mylar material, the apparent thickness of the labels may overwhelm the sensor, even at the gap, so that it is unable to detect the gap.



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